The “Prime” situation.

The truth is Prime fucked us hard. But there’s very little we can do about it and we are already a paranoia prone bunch and easily turn on each other and waste time and energy.

The TPP situation is more important the call for internet censorship. The APC/professional victims call for worldwide internet censorship backed and financed by some of the world’s biggest dictatorships. Corporations like Twitter, Facebook and Google want to control what we can say. Our freedoms and rights will be trampled on and taken.

Think on it. The media , the SJWs , and the politicians are screwing us and the public bigtime.

We needs better ops, to be more effective , we need to spread awareness of the problems.

Alison Prime was deception who we should not dwelt on too much it’s footnote cautionary tale not too listen and believe.

It’s the same as its always been. We can stand for ourselves or we can be overrun. Choose.CO-1p3gUkAA0Jmq


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