Regicide W40k early acess review – steam

The Game is chess with W40k pieces and a twist , each turn, the pieces can shoot, dig in and perform few special actions depending on the piece, plus the player depending on which race (Marine or Orks he controls , has certain powers he can use instead.
Right now there are three chapter skins for the Space Marines : White Scars, Blood Angels and Raven Guard these will have some distinct powers added for each in later in development as it will for the Orks tribes.
Currently there’s skirmish mode against AI and multiplayer. The AI difficulty scales well, the first one is a walk in the park good to learn the basics. As it goes up you better get clever or get beaten.
I recommend it for strategy fans who want a “spiced” chess and W40k fans. I’m both so happy with the game and looking forward to the build up of the game and future additions to it including the promised Campaign mode with a story.


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