Fisking #Gamergate and the Right

The AtheFist


This ground has been gone over a huge number of times, so I’ll try and keep it short and to the point – even though the article itself isn’t. The entire premise of it is overturned from the very start. Numerous surveys and political-compass aggregates have repeatedly demonstrated that the majority of Gamergate are left/libertarian (small ‘l’) with progressive values and that they stand in opposition to an authoritarian bent in the modern ‘left’, especially the successors to the 90s ‘PC police’, the ‘Social Justice Warriors’.

To recap, briefly, no matter what you’ve heard Gamergate is primarily concerned with:

  1. Ethics in games journalism (and increasingly mainstream journalism).
  2. Countering censorship (censorship here broadly defined, not limited to governmentally enforced censorship).
  3. Worries over the politicisation of games journalism and how that no longer serves the consumer.

For the last month and a half, most of what I have read, watched, or listened…

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