GamerGate – The ultimate form of slacktivism

Rain Awareness

GamerGate is basically this: “there aren’t enough girls in video games”. And that’s it. That’s the whole tragedy.

I don’t need to tell you why that’s bullshit. The only other “problem” they have is the “portrayal” of women, meaning that girls in scantily clothing in a video game are a treat to society or something.


It’s obviously not a treat to society or anything because: there are girls who not only do not whine about it like these GamerGate drama queens, but also like the characters, play as the characters, and even dress as these characters, willingly.

So that point is also pretty ridiculous. If men don’t have a problem, and women don’t have a problem, where’s the problem? In their unoccupied, unproductive imaginations.

It’s not worth talking about their problem with “gaming journalism” because: a bunch of grown adults crying over gaming journalism when they don’t even play video games to begin with?…

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