Gamers Discussing #GamerGate Scandal Are Being Harassed; Where’s the Coverage? This Article Will Be Regularly Updated With Documented Harassment Of Gamers.

Citizen Journalist Jennifer J Medina

*1/12/15 02:03 PM Since this apparently needs to be restated at start although it is in the introductory section of this document:
I find this endeavor especially important due to the little coverage by mainstream media of the harassment gamers receive that discuss #GamerGate. Instead, we mainly witness coverage of harassment those opposed to discussing the #GamerGate scandal receive.
This article is meant to give light to what is barely getting any mainstream media coverage. It is covering gamers discussing #GamerGate. This piece is NOT meant to show “both sides.” Thank you*

There was a fairly recent Pew Poll done on the prevalence of online harassment. Apparently four-in-ten people have experienced some form of online harassment in their experience on the internet.

Online harassment is a serious issue for people of all identities; whether male, female, homosexual, transgender, white, black, Asian, etc. According to the poll,


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