“Equality For Me, But Not For Thee” #CalgaryExpo & Honey Badger Brigade Fiasco

Citizen Journalist Jennifer J Medina

Featured image is by the very talented artist Alejandro Argandona.

I’d like to express again here, as I have in my Twitter feed, that I’m at odds with most men’s rights and women’s rights movement/activist groups. I have fundamental differences with both but still feel they have a right to speak about and present their views. I mean all that I’m about to share here with the utmost respect for everyone involved. I’ll first present information on Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, the Honey Badger Brigade and the events that occurred; then offer my opinion on the matter.

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo ends today, it was held over the weekend from Thursday, April 16th to today Sunday, April 19th, 2015. Per the website’s main page, it’s:

Canada’s 2nd largest pop culture convention, featuring the very best in science-fiction, comic books, fantasy, horror, pop culture, animation, and so much…

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