Terry Pratchett and the Sadness of Puppies

Mad Genius Club

The rumblings and attempts to delegitimize Sad Puppies are gearing up over a medium more suited to cute photos. People who haven’t followed the campaigns and who have been told by those they trust that the Sad Puppies supporters are evil jealous old white men who can’t get an award on merit and have to pack the ballot and so on and so forth etcetera ad nauseam are screeching at least as loud as the ones who actually believe that tripe (one has to wonder what the ones who’ve read the Sad Puppy posts and still scream it were thinking. Or, more to the point, if they were thinking).

Leaving out the little issue of how hilariously wrong this is – something I could spend multiple posts on, without repeating myself or even descending into vulgarity (that would be even more posts), I offer six words in refutation.

Terry Pratchett…

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