An open letter to @Spacekatgal #GamerGate

Well put

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EDIT: To clarify, I am not going to kill myself. Bringing up that I used to consider it is there to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR why I am so upset about this.


Dear Briana Wu,

It’s Easter, so I am going to do my best to be polite and civil. However, I will probably fail.

I’m not going to modify any of the images from how they are on my computer (well, okay, i resized the Anita one, but I didn’t change the actual content).

Normally, when I see statements like this, I try my best to laugh. You’re presenting yourself as the gatekeeper to not only gaming, but to all fandoms, and deciding that because you disagree with a group, you get to tell them what they’re allowed to enjoy. It’s a statement of such megalomania, such an insane holier-than-thou attitude that I simply cannot take it seriously.


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